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Is it possible for children to solve these lengthy Math questions in just 5-10 seconds each with 100% accuracy?

The answer to this question is Vedic mathematics. It's a system of mathematical techniques and principles that originated in ancient India, primarily from the books of Vedas, which are a collection of ancient scriptures. The term "Vedic Mathematics" was discovered by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, a scholar and mathematician, in the early 20th century.

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Benefits of Learning Vedic Mathematics

Speed and Efficiency

Vedic Mathematics techniques are designed to streamline calculations, allowing individuals to perform arithmetic and other mathematical operations effortlessly and quickly.

Improved Academic performance

The combination of speed, accuracy, and conceptual understanding can lead to improved test scores and overall academic performance.

Enhanced memory and concentration

Practicing Vedic Mathematics techniques can help improve memory and concentration as learners engage in mental calculations and visualization exercises.

Increased Confidence

Mastering Vedic Mathematics techniques can boost an individual's confidence in overall studies and make them more comfortable with numbers.

Mental Math skills

Vedic Mathematics emphasizes mental calculations, which can improve mental math skills and overall numeracy. Practicing these techniques can enhance one's ability to perform calculations without relying heavily on calculators or written methods.


Vedic Mathematics introduces alternative methods for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and calculus, which are often simpler and easier to understand than conventional approaches. This can make learning and using math more accessible to a wider range of students.

Who Is This Course For?

Primary and Middle school Kids

(ages 8-14)

High School (Ages 14-18)

College and University Students:

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We've trained thousands of students of all ages all around the world.

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"My daughter's mathematical abilities have improved dramatically since she started the program. She now approaches math problems with confidence and ease, and her grades have soared. We are truly grateful for this course and highly recommend it to all parents looking to enhance their child's math skills."

Mark Smith

"As parents, we were skeptical about enrolling our children in yet another math course, but Vedic Mathematics proved us wrong. My kids not only improved their math skills but also developed a love for numbers. The course's holistic approach to math education, combining mental math techniques and problem-solving skills, has made a significant difference in their academic performance. We are delighted with the results and grateful for this wonderful program."

Jane Doe

"We are delighted with the Vedic Mathematics course and the impact it has had on our child's education. Not only has our son excelled at school, but he also carries the problem-solving skills he learned in the course into other subjects. The course's simplicity and effectiveness are truly commendable. We would recommend it to any parent looking to give their child or teen, a strong foundation in mathematics."

Sarah Luie

What You'll Learn?

Learn the Never seen before concepts of Fast Calculations

Magical Vedic Mathematics Sutras or Formulas

Application of Sutras in simplifying calculations.

SuperFast Multiplication techniques

Multiplying numbers with different numbers of digits.

Impressive Division

Speedy division methods using Vedic principles.

Add and Subtract like a CALCULATOR

Rapid addition and subtraction techniques.

Squares and Cubes on Finger Tips

Squaring numbers using Vedic methods. Cubing numbers efficiently.

Unbelievable fractions and decimals

Handling fractions and decimals using Vedic techniques.

Solve Algebraic Equations like a pro

Take a look at what people think

Madison Ros

I just wish I had found you before I spent a fortune on other, not so good, courses for my kids. Everything I have seen over these past few classes is pure GOLD, Thanks for everything!

Agnes erry

This was so worth it, the whole thing has been packed with immense knowledge and energy. I am so excited about taking my first step. Thank you all!

Helen Ortiz

This course will make you Kids enjoy learning and improving their overall academic skills. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to try something new for their Kids

Marcus Johnston

This is the best place to learn and understand Maths in different way. Thank You.

Celena Griffin

I have been watching this along with my son. I had those negative voices inside at first, but watching you and your team share stories to teach mathematics calculations in different way is just super interesting.

Chilla Reed

I started the course for my daughter, as she had some basic knowledge of Tables and calculations, but now I can say the course really took her further in her knowledge and I can see insane difference in her calculational skills.

"Me and my Wife were initially skeptical about this online course for children, but the Vedic Mathematics course pleasantly surprised us. Our kids, aged 9 and 14, have not only improved their math skills but have also developed a genuine interest in academics. We appreciate the flexibility it offers, allowing our kids to learn at their own pace. It's been a fantastic experience for our family, and we highly recommend it to other parents looking to boost their children's math proficiency."

Mark Smith

The Vedic Mathematics Mastery, self-paced Online Course

By the End of This Course,

students will:

  • Solve Mathematical calculations like a Human calculator
  • Perform most of the mathematical calculations mentally.
  • Improve their academic performance to new heights
  • Skyrocket their confidence and accuracy.
  • Have a huge Boost in memory.
  • Gain an advantage in classrooms
  • Experience maths with a different approach.
  • Become an intelligent problem solver.


The Vedic Mathematics Formula eBook

Worth $40 absolutely Free

This eBook is filled with step-by-step formulas and examples, that you can apply Vedic Mathematics to your own mathematical challenges.

Note: This Life-Changing online course is self-paced, but very limited in availability, and hence it's available in Batches

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Total Worth ₹4000- Get 75% Off If You Act Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our course is designed to cater to learners of all levels, including beginners. Students just need to have knowledge of basic tables and simple arithmetic operations.

How do I access this course?

When you Register for the course, the course details with your login information will be sent to you by email. The course can be only accessed on the date specified at the time of registration.

Are there money back guarantees?

we are committed to providing you with valuable learning experiences and resources that help you achieve your goals. We have full confidence in the quality and effectiveness of our course; however, we understand that online learning may not be for everyone. Therefore, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the day your course starts.

How fast can I start seeing results?

Results achieved by one individual may not necessarily be indicative of the results you will attain. Learning outcomes are highly individualized and depend on various factors, including effort, consistency, and prior knowledge.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

No, you can complete the course at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the course materials.


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